New Soft Grip Screwdrier Slotted

Product Description

  • The handle is customized as the AsiansÂ’ hand shape, & its surface is made of the elastic rubber to grip more comfortably.
  • The head of screwdriver is more proper for the screw & obtain the maximal torsion after the precisely process.
  • It obtain the high hardness and high torque to be more durable after the overall quenching.
  • The material of shaft: chrome vanadium Nickel steel.


Sr. No. Article No. lengththickness Quantity
. JET-NST4-100- 100 mm4 mm
. JET-NST4-125- 125 mm4 mm
. JET-NST4-150- 150 mm4 mm
. JET-NST4-200- 200 mm4 mm
. JET-NST4-75- 75 mm4 mm
. JET-NST5-125- 125 mm5 mm
. JET-NST5-150- 150 mm5 mm
. JET-NST5-200- 200 mm5 mm
. JET-NST8-250- 250 mm8 mm
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