Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Product Description

  • Premium quality material, safe and reliable
  • Adjustable screw, convenient and quick.
  • Imported seal rubber ring and steel ball from Japan, Seals are better and more durable
  • Piston rod is polished to be more smooth, advance the seal and life time.
  • Pump core and body are processed precisely, advance the seal, operate more quickly.
  • Premium quality hydraulic oil, High temperature resistance to low temperature, The applicable area is wider
  • Top anti-slip design, increase the friction of the top part, safer
  • Internal oil rod, fine processing, safe and reliable


Sr. No. Article No. capicityheightmin-heightadjustable-heightmax-height Quantity
. JET-HBJ-2 2 Tons90 mm158 mm60 mm308 mm
. JET-HBJ-3 3 Tons125 mm195 mm60 mm380 mm
. JET-HBJ-5 5 Tons125 mm197 mm60 mm382 mm
. JET-HBJ-8 8 Tons125 mm205 mm60 mm390 mm
. JET-HBJ-10 10 Tons125 mm205 mm60 mm390 mm
. JET-HBJ-16 16 Tons140 mm225 mm60 mm425 mm
. JET-HBJ-20 20 Tons145 mm244 mm60 mm449 mm
. JET-HBJ-32 32 Tons180 mm285 mm60 mm465 mm
. JET-HBJ-50 50 Tons180 mm300 mm60 mm480 mm
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